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Carrom Pool is one of the most-played games on Android. Players around the globe play and compete in this online carrom game. If you wish to achieve mastery in this game and win every tournament, you must start using bitAIM right now. bitAIM is an AI tool that works as an aim assistant. This helps you position and aim your striker so you always take the perfect shot. bitAIM assists you whenever you take your shots. No matter how tricky the game goes, bitAIM will always pull you out with its AI calculations and quirky techniques.

The application has features like path predictors & laser lines to make your shots more accurate. You can also keep your favourite shots recorded. The application allows you to use the shot you have recorded later in the same or different situation. Also, the premium version of bitAIM gives you more options which you can use by upgrading it to premium. This will unlock new shots, and more customisation and will make your in-game experience better.

So if you’re interested in using the bitAIM for easy wins in Carrom Pool matches, stick till the end and read the complete article to learn everything about the bitAIM APK.

What Is bitAIM?

bitAIM is an AI aim assistant tool that helps you to take perfect shots. The tool allows you to align your striker and point it properly. So you never miss any shots in any game. Moreover, the tools visualize the path of your shot, the distance the striker can travel in a shot, the direction of the striker in which it’ll be going, and every reflex and bounce the striker can make with each shot.

The AI of the bitAIM always lets you know the perfect position and alignment of your striker. The application offers Direct, Indirect and advanced bounce and brush shots to help you score points and win everything in the Carrom Pool. On top of all this, the application allows you to record your best shots, so those same shots can be used in your future matches.


bitAIM Features

The features in this application are all tried and tested. The application can handle any scenario in the game regardless of whatever you throw at it. Thanks to its advanced features it can handle difficult situations inside the game. The list of features is given below.

Free To Use

If you’re not wishing to spend your hard-earned money on the application, it’s alright. bitAIM allows you to use many of the advanced features from its inventory completely for free. You can use this app to become a carrom champion and it won’t cost a single penny. Just download bitAIM and start using it freely without any premium purchase.

Advanced Shots

The application allows the user to use & experiment with many types of shots. You can hit direct shots, as well as indirect shots such as single shots, double coin shots, striker-back shots, V-side shots, upper V-side shots, lower V-side shots & many more.

Shots Recording

bitAIM allows you to record your shots. You can save them in the application and use them later in similar or different scenarios to score points and win games. Recoding shots can help you with the automation, so you can hit your favourite shots with similar accuracy & skill.

AI Aim

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) helps this application draw the path line of your shots & predicts the movements of the units throughout the board, this becomes helpful When you have a lack of time in your hand.

Laser Line

The Laser Line feature allows you to align your striker on the board to hit more accurate shots. You can customize the laser with different colours that add to the user experience.

No Baning

By using the advanced BitAim+ apk, your Carrom pool account will never get banned by the authorities. This advanced version contains several premium features that will help you win every game without losing your account. Still, we suggest you use a modded game version to avoid any risk.


bitaim ss2

BitAim+ Apk Download 2024

To download the bitAIM APK, you have to click the download link given below. It’ll take a few seconds to load the file. Once the download button shows up, click on it to start the download. After the download is complete make sure you enable unknown sources installation permission. Finally, install the application and enjoy the matches ahead.


Versionv 71.0
Update3 hours ago

what’s new?

Dear BitAim users,

We want to let you know that our developers are working day and night to improve your experience by adding new features for your perfect gameplay. We’re continuously monitoring our services, and we’re open to any feedback from your side to improve. our services mode.

If you have any kind of query or you Want to add any new shot/ option To the menu make sure you mail us to our official mail.

What’s New:

  • Enjoy all the premium shots in the carrom pool with zero latency for free of cost.
  • 20% less RAM is used than the previous version, which will improve your gameplay for sure.
  • 5 additional premium shots for absolutely free.
  • Use unlimited laser light.


bitAIM is a free application. But if you want to add more range to your accuracy, you can try out the premium plans. The premium plans unlock a whole line-up of features that will help you to get better gameplay and creative shots. So if you wish to make your matches more exciting, get the bitAIM+ and become invincible. BitAim Plus comes with a subscription plan, which is based on annual and monthly.

If you want to enhance your game, then you can go for the annual subscription, which will cost a little bit less than the monthly subscription. But if you are on a strict budget, we will not recommend you go for the subscription plan, rather than download the moderate version of BitAim Which will work fine on your device.

bitAIM For PC

If you’re a PC player for Carrom Pool, you’ll be amazed to know that there’s a PC version of bitAIM as well. You can download the PC version from the link given below. The installation procedure is similar to any other ordinary software. Just download, install & enjoy bitAIM on your computer.[PC version link dish, available on []

User Reviews

Arthur DCruz: Great application. Precise and accurate shots every time. I feel unbeatable while using the app.

Morgan_Phelis: Light and smooth. Doesn’t even bother to run in the background. Plus the hidden laser video feature helps to show off my Carrom skills to my online friends and they can’t even tell that I’m getting helped by

bradthedevastator: It amazes me when I use this application to win games, and nobody can’t even tell me that I’m using this tool I never thought that this version would work that much smoother on my mobile. It’s a guilty pleasure ngl😂🤣

Huyen – Thanks man for this version. Now I can win all the games with my friends without letting them know what I’m using, really appreciate your work thank you very much.

BitAim for iOS

If you are an iOS user and still want to use the BitAim Plus to improve your caramel game skills and win every game? then there is good news for you. We have just released the latest version of BitAim for the iOS version, which will work perfectly on every Apple device Having iOS 15 and upper versions. In the early days, we are only available for Android devices, but not now Thanks to the developer. Now we are serving IOS customers as well. There are no significant changes In the application You’ll find it as smooth and as usable, just like the Android version. So Play with BitAim and win every game with your friends.

We know there is a download button click on that, And the download will start within a few seconds.


Is bitAIM safe?

If you download the official bitAIM APK, we can assure you that your device & data are completely safe. bitAIM doesn’t access or breach your data in any condition.

Can I get banned from using bitAIM?

Absolutely not. bitAIM has Anti-Detection and Anti-ban features, that make you invisible to conventional detection methods. Plus you can make your lasers, lines, predictors etc invisible while you’re recording your gameplay to avoid trouble.

Is bitAIM completely free?

The basic bitAIM plan is absolutely free and will allow you to use most of the basic features. The bitAIM+, however, is the premium plan that unlocks many advanced features to enhance your gaming experience.

From where I can Download the bitAIM APK?

You can download the bitAIM APK from this official website @[URL dibi]. You’ll get the latest updates for bitAIM APK right here on time as well.

Last Words

So, that’s all. bitAIM is a marvellous tool that helps you enhance your carrom skills and become a professional in the carrom pool altogether. So, what are you waiting for? Download and play around with bitAIM and become a Carrom Pool champion. During your playtime with bitAIM, if you encounter any type of issue, such as lag, crashes, errors, etc., let us know. We’ll fix the issue as soon as feasible after receiving your report. Lastly, I hope you successfully downloaded the bitAim apk on your Android device and enjoyed every game like never before. Make sure to share the application with your close ones, so they can taste the fun too.